To mark Mandela Day 2019, staff at DSC Attorneys raised funds for the Haven Night Shelter‘s Buy a Bed campaign, raising enough funds for 27 beds for the homeless, for five nights.

Many of our staff also chose to donate life-giving blood.

dsc attorneys donating blood

Why now is a great time to donate blood in the Cape

Winter is a tricky time in terms of blood reserves in the Cape. This is because the cold and associated illnesses tend to deter people from donating blood.

Right now, there’s enough blood in stock to last for only a couple of days.

To help address shortages in the Cape’s blood supply, the Western Cape Blood Service is calling on people to donate blood throughout July.

Now or at any other time of the year, you can find out where and when to donate blood in the Cape using the Service’s Where can I donate? page.

Here we feature some of the brave members of our staff, who put their 67 minutes on Mandela Day to good use!

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