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Social Responsibility

Details on a selection of DSC Attorneys’ CSR initiatives.

Woodside Special Care Centre

DSC Attorneys has been a proud sponsor of Woodside Special Care Centre since 2012. To date we have raised over R700 000 for the NGO with the annual DSC Attorneys’ Golf Day and look forward to continuing this tradition in the coming years.

Woodside Special Care Centre is a residential home providing 24 hour care for 80 profoundly intellectually and physically challenged residents.

The Centre was established in 1976 by a group of concerned parents who were not able to find suitable care for their children who were intellectually and physically challenged.

As the years went on, Woodside faced a challenge as there were no places for the residents who were reaching adulthood to feed into and had to learn to understand the behaviours that manifested through adolescence.

Over the past almost 40 years the organization has grown from strength to strength providing a range of services to improve the levels of comfort and responsiveness of residents as well as improving their quality of life through nurse care, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapies.

WSCC’s Mission:

The excellent treatment and care of profoundly intellectually disabled residents through:

  • the provision by excellent staff of an integrated service of loving and stimulating care
  • the protection and empowerment of the residents and their development as individuals
    the support of residents’ families
  • the provision of support to profoundly intellectually disabled people and their carers in the broader community

Find out more at:

Our next charity golf day will be held on November 15.

Woodside Special Care Centre
Woodside Special Care Centre
Woodside golf day


DSC Attorneys is a proud sponsor of non profit company OCAL GLOBAL.

The focus of OCAL GLOBAL is to empower Differently Abled Persons in establishing sustainable goals for themselves and their respective communities and cultivating an environment to achieve those goals.

What OCAL GLOBAL do is informed by five core outcomes:

1. Provider Commitment

Mobilising more & diverse support towards the growing needs of Differently Abled Persons.

2. Pathways and Progress

Ensuring the opportunities are available for Differently Abled Persons and then providing opportunities and pathways to enable individuals to progress to the level they are willing and capable of achieving.

3. Personal Development

Focusing on enhancing the confidence and self-esteem of Differently Abled Persons through sport and physical activities, before transitioning into Capacity Development Initiatives.

4. Public Perception

Challenging the global perception regarding Differently Abled Persons, in general, and the activities they take part in – including Sport.

5. Participation for Life

Throughout life and regardless of impairment, participating in sport or any physical or developmental activity will always be a choice rather than a requirement; therefore, for Differently Abled Persons all these experiences should be positive, beneficial and enjoyable rather than a burden or provided out a position of pity.


Find out more about OCAL GLOBAL at:

OCAL Global
OCAL Global and DSC Attorneys
OCAL Global

DSC Attorneys Sponsors Disabled Travel Website

DSC Attorneys is proud to sponsor an upgrade to the Disabled Travel website – an excellent website for disabled travellers in South Africa.

About the Disabled Travel website

The Disabled Travel website offers reviews of wheelchair-accessible tourist accommodation and restaurants across South Africa.

You can click a province, followed by a city or town, to access accommodation and restaurant reviews.

Each reviewed establishment has been personally evaluated by Karin Coetzee. Karin is an occupational therapist and spinal rehabilitation specialist with 33 years of experience.

Review of establishments include details about the accessibility of entrances, guest rooms, bathrooms and other special features where relevant. They also include photographs of bathroom facilities.

The Disabled Travel site is endorsed by the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA).

How and why the website was started

In 2004, Karin broke her knee in a skiing accident.

The three months she spent in a wheelchair gave her first-hand experience of the difficulties that disabled people face in accessing public amenities.

Since then, Karin has spent a lot of her own time, money and effort to visit and assess accommodation for those with mobility restrictions.

DSC Attorneys sponsorship of the site

A former client of DSC Attorneys introduced Karin to one of our firm’s directors. DSC Attorneys then decided to sponsor a much-needed upgrade to the website.

We’re delighted to support a site that not only provides useful information, but may help increase awareness of the need for accessible travel facilities in South Africa.

disabled travel
disabled travel
disabled travel

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