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Product Liability Claims

Product Liability Claims
Under South African law, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and suppliers can all be held liable for damages caused by defective or hazardous products.

If you’re injured due to defective or dangerous merchandise, you may be able to claim damages such as:

  • past medical expenses

  • future medical expenses and hospital costs

  • past and future loss of earnings

  • general damages for pain and suffering.

The Consumer Protection Act of 2008 was introduced to safeguard South African consumers from flawed or defective goods, whether the goods are locally produced or imported. It provides clear remedies for those affected by defective or dangerous merchandise.

A consequence of the Act is that the onus is no longer on the consumer to prove fault or negligence in a product liability claim. The entire supply chain is now required by law to ensure that all products are safe for their intended uses.

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