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DSC Attorneys is a proud sponsor of non-profit company OCAL GLOBAL.

The focus of OCAL GLOBAL is to empower differently abled persons in establishing sustainable goals for themselves and their respective communities and cultivating an environment to achieve those goals.

What OCAL GLOBAL does is informed by five core outcomes:

1. Provider commitment

Mobilising more and diverse support towards the growing needs of differently abled persons.

2. Pathways and progress

Ensuring the opportunities are available for differently abled persons and then providing opportunities and pathways to enable individuals to progress to the level they are willing and capable of achieving.

3. Personal development

Focusing on enhancing the confidence and self-esteem of differently abled persons through sport and physical activities, before transitioning into capacity development initiatives.

4. Public perception

Challenging the global perception regarding differently abled persons, in general, and the activities they take part in – including sport.

5. Participation for life

Throughout life and regardless of impairment, participating in sport or any physical or developmental activity will always be a choice rather than a requirement. For differently abled persons, all these experiences should be positive, beneficial and enjoyable, rather than a burden or provided out a position of pity.

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