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Woodside Special Care Centre

DSC Attorneys has been a proud sponsor of Woodside Special Care Centre since 2012. To date, we have raised over R1 million for the NGO through our annual DSC Attorneys’ Golf Day. We look forward to continuing this tradition in the coming years.

About the Centre

Woodside Special Care Centre is a residential home providing 24-hour care for 80 profoundly intellectually and physically challenged residents.

The Centre was established in 1976 by a group of concerned parents who were not able to find suitable care for their children, who were intellectually and physically challenged.

As the years went on, Woodside faced a challenge – there were no places for the residents who were reaching adulthood to move into. The Centre had to learn to understand, support and care for adolescent and adult residents with profound disabilities.

Over the past almost 40 years, the organisation has grown from strength to strength. It provides a range of services to improve residents’ levels of comfort and responsiveness, as well as improving their quality of life through nursing care, physiotherapy and occupational and speech therapies.

Woodside Special Care Centre’s mission

The excellent treatment and care of profoundly intellectually disabled residents through:

  • the provision by excellent staff of an integrated service of loving and stimulating care
  • the protection and empowerment of the residents and their development as individuals
  • the support of residents’ families
  • the provision of support to profoundly intellectually disabled people and their carers in the broader community.

Find out more about the Woodside Special Care Centre at:

Our next charity golf day will be held on November 15.

Woodside Special Care Centre
Woodside Special Care Centre
Woodside golf day

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