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Road Accident Claims: Why Choose DSC Attorneys?

Road Accident Claims: Why Choose DSC Attorneys?
Dec 13, 2018 gnuworld
road accident claims

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) compensates people who are injured in South African road accidents they were not solely responsible for causing.

RAF payouts assist road accident victims and their families with compensation for past and future medical costs, loss of income or loss of support from a breadwinner, funeral costs and, in cases involving serious injury, general damages. The RAF does not cover damage to vehicles or other material damages.

To get the compensation you deserve from the RAF, it’s essential to use the services of a suitably qualified personal injury attorney.

Why DSC Attorneys?

DSC Attorneys has extensive experience in dealing with RAF claims. We also work on a no win, no fee basis.

Our directors

Kirstie Haslam specialises in personal injury and insurance law. She has extensive experience in High Court litigation and arbitrations relating to actions against the Road Accident Fund. Kirstie has also been actively involved in parliamentary debate surrounding changes to the RAF legislation.

Cliff Timms specialises in personal injury and property law. He gained experience and an “inside view” while employed by the RAF. Since 1999, he has acted as an advocate for road accident victims through claims against the RAF.

The firm

DSC Attorneys is a large, well-established personal injury law firm, based in Cape Town and offering legal services across South Africa.

Our firm has been handling RAF claims for over 15 years and specialises in this type of claim. A number of our attorneys previously served as panel attorneys for the RAF, giving them first-hand knowledge of the Fund and the claims process.

DSC Attorneys is known for its professionalism and determination to secure the optimal outcome for its clients in each and every case, as well as its respected and experienced panel of medical experts and Counsel.

In addition, we have a proven track record in setting legal precedents in Court with cases we have litigated in.

Together, our attorneys and medico-legal team offer unparalleled legal support for those with road accident claims.

Road Accident Fund claims with DSC

Pursuing a RAF claim is a lengthy, complex process. For several reasons, it’s not a good idea to submit a RAF claim without professional legal representation.

At DSC Attorneys, our personal injury attorneys and medico-legal team can assess your claim, help prepare supporting evidence and obtain expert medical opinions, advise you on whether any settlement offered by the RAF is in your best interests and represent you in legal proceedings.

We listen carefully and with empathy, and keep you informed every step of the way.

If you may have a road accident claim, contact us for the very best legal support and representation.

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