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Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer: Importance of Connections with Proper Medical Experts

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer: Importance of Connections with Proper Medical Experts
July 17, 2018 gnuworld
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A key factor to consider when choosing a firm of personal injury attorneys to represent your interests is the firm’s connections with medical experts.

The role of medical experts in personal injury claims

One of the ways that personal injury claims differ from most other civil claims is their reliance on expert medical opinion and testimony.

Examples of personal injury claims include medical malpractice, Road Accident Fund (RAF), train accident, dog bite, slip and fall and police assault claims. These types of claims all require input from medical experts – and often, this input is key in determining the claims’ validity and value.

Why medical connections are important

Without the right connections, it can be difficult and time-consuming to secure appropriate medical support for a personal injury claim.

For example, a claim that proceeds to court may rely on expert testimony from a specialist such as a neurosurgeon. It’s not necessarily straightforward to find a highly qualified neurosurgeon who has the time and is willing to testify on a claimant’s behalf.

Reconciling the times when a busy neurosurgeon is available with available court dates can also be tricky and may lead to lengthy delays, or missed court dates.

It can make all the difference if you have an attorney who specialises in personal injury claims and – through familiarity with leading medical experts, their availability and their contributions to other cases – knows who to call.

Stages at which medical expertise is involved

All medical reports associated with a personal injury form an important part of the supporting evidence for a claim. These include initial reports from when you were first examined and treated, as well as subsequent reports from specialists and those involved in managing on-going treatment and rehabilitation.

Once you’ve chosen to pursue a personal injury claim, your attorney may send you to a relevant medical expert to have your injury examined. The medical expert will make an impartial assessment of your injury and submit a report.

Generally, the report will detail the nature and severity of the injury, its likely effects over the short and long term and the kind of pain and suffering it causes. This information is vital to the success of a personal injury claim.

It’s also not unusual for the opposing party to request that you be examined by one of their medical experts, to corroborate your story and confirm any medical findings. The RAF, for example, has its own medical experts, who may be called upon to assess claimants’ injuries.

Finding a good personal injury lawyer

When considering personal injury lawyers, look for a firm that specialises in personal injury law and has many years of experience with different types of personal injury claims. Not only will they have the necessary expertise, they are more likely to have good connections with the necessary medical experts.

Personal injury claims with DSC Attorneys

At DSC Attorneys, our attorneys and medico-legal team have extensive experience in handling personal injury claims.

Because we specialise in personal injury law, we also have connections with trusted medical experts, whose services have contributed to many successful claims.

We can assess your claim, send you for any necessary medical examinations, help prepare supporting evidence and represent you in legal proceedings, giving you the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. We also work on a no win, no fee basis.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your personal injury claim.

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