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Eye Injury Claims

Eye Injury Claims
March 16, 2016 gnuworld
Eye injury claim

Eye injuries may occur as a result of direct trauma to the eye – for example, due to cuts, scratches or chemical burns, or complications during eye surgery. Alternatively, eye injuries may have indirect causes, such as head trauma, electric shock or smoke inhalation.

If your eye injury is the result of someone else’s actions or negligence, you may be able to claim compensation for medical costs and, if applicable, loss of earnings.

What eye injuries can you claim for?

Car accidents are one of the major causes of eye injuries, usually due to glass, gravel, plastic or metal fragments entering one or both eyes during an accident.

Individuals who sustain an eye injury in a car accident for which they were not responsible can claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF), including compensation for relevant medical costs you’ve documented and, if relevant, loss of earnings as a result of the injury.

It’s recommended that you hire a suitably qualified attorney to handle an RAF claim, which can be complex and require that you provide substantial evidence to prove the validity of your claim.

If your eye injury is a result of assault, negligence in the workplace or another situation in which the responsible party can be established, you may be able to claim compensation directly from this party. As with an RAF claim, you’ll need medical records and reports, financial statements and other relevant documentation for your claim to hold up in court.

The importance of medical attention

For health reasons and to ensure the strength of a possible personal injury claim, you should seek medical attention as soon after your injury as possible.

A doctor’s report can make or break a personal injury claim, so it’s vital that you have a medical professional examine your injury early on to determine its severity and the required treatment. Generally, the more severe the injury and the greater its long-lasting effects, the more you can claim.

Claiming for an eye injury

To give your eye injury claim the best chance of success, you should enlist the help of a legal professional with experience in personal injury claims.

How DSC Attorneys can help

At DSC Attorneys, all our attorneys are highly experienced in personal injury law. In addition, we support each client’s right to justice by offering a free first consultation and by working on a “no win, no fee” basis.

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