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Cliff Timms (B. Proc.)

Cliff Timms (B. Proc.)


Cliff was admitted as an attorney in 1999 and soon thereafter established the Cape Town office of De Vries Inc., where he built up a recognized legal practice specializing in personal injury and property law. Prior to his admission Cliff had already gained vast experience in the field of personal injury law, initially whilst he was employed at the Road Accident Fund and thereafter upon joining De Vries (Sandton) Inc. in 1997 whereafter he continued to act as a panel attorney on behalf of the Road Accident Fund.

Since 1999 Cliff has acted on behalf of the victims of road accidents against the Road Accident Fund and generally on behalf of Plaintiffs against other tortfeasors in personal injury matters.

Cliff concentrates on litigation and specializes in personal injury and insurance law and has extensive experience in High Court litigation and arbitration.

Cliff was appointed as managing director of DSC Attorneys after the merger on 1 May 2004 and subsequently as chairman on 1 December 2010.