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On 5 November, 2021 eight people died and hundreds were injured in a stampede at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival performance.

Who has liability for stadium injuries and deaths, like those that have just occurred in Texas?

This is the question that Cape Talk interviewer, Lester Kiewit, put to DSC Attorneys director, Kirstie Haslam.

The Astroworld tragedy is the latest in a number of stadium disasters that have occurred worldwide.

Serious injuries and loss of life can occur due to stampedes, stand or scaffolding collapses and a range of other incidents, from fires to items being thrown by crowd members.

South Africa hosts fewer stadium-level events than some countries but is far from immune to stadium tragedies. In 2001, 43 people died in the Ellis Park Stadium disaster.

When injuries occur in a crowded event venue, the issue of who’s liable is a complex one. This is because a potentially large number of different parties – from fans to event organisers to venue managers and more – may be involved.

In the podcast, Kirstie outlines some of the parties that may hold or share liability in stadium disasters.


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