Each year, hundreds of thousands of motor accidents occur on South African roads. The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is responsible for compensating those who are seriously injured in accidents they didn't cause. It also provides compensation for the dependants of those killed.

Although the RAF pays out millions each month, many of the claims submitted to the RAF go unpaid due to contradicting or weak evidence supplied by the claimant.

For this reason, it's advised that you use the services of an experienced attorney for RAF claims. The attorney will help you to determine how much you're entitled to claim from the RAF and assist you in building the strongest claim possible so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Submitting a claim

Certain prescribed forms must be submitted as part of an RAF claim. However, it's left to the discretion of the claimant to decide what other supporting documentation to submit to substantiate the claim.

Each road accident is different, and so is each claim. Without specific guidelines, it can be difficult for someone without the appropriate legal experience to determine exactly what to include.

To lodge a claim, you need to submit details of the accident, details of those involved, medical reports, witness statements, financial statements, police reports and any other relevant documentation. The documents you supply should show the cause of the accident, prove that you were not at fault and substantiate the need for the claimed medical and/or financial support.

Due to the prevalence of fraudulent claims, it is the sole responsibility of the claimant to prove the legitimacy of a claim. If the RAF isn't supplied with enough evidence to support a claim, the claim is likely to be dismissed.

Hiring an attorney

An experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the RAF claims process, from reporting the accident to the police and gathering the necessary documentation to support your claim, to submitting the claim within the prescribed time limits and negotiating with the RAF on your behalf. The attorney can also handle the appeals process, if necessary.

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