hit and run claim

In a “hit and run” road accident, the driver at fault leaves the scene of the accident without stopping or providing their insurance details.

If you're injured in a road accident and the identities of the driver and vehicle owner are unknown, you can still seek compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) by filing a “hit and run” claim.

Who can claim

When any road accident caused by another party results in debilitating injury or death, the injured or the family of the deceased can claim compensation from the RAF. Motor vehicle drivers, as well as passengers, pedestrians and motorcyclists, can all claim from the RAF.

You can make a “hit and run” claim on condition that the accident occurred in South Africa, involved a motor vehicle and was the result of negligence or law-breaking by an unidentified individual.

What you can claim

You can claim for general damages if a serious injury was sustained in the accident. These injuries include the loss of an unborn child, an impairment of 30 percent or more of your whole body, serious disfigurement, mental impairment or the loss of a bodily function. Both past and future medical expenses can be claimed in the case of serious injury.

You can also claim from the RAF for loss of present and future income if you are unable to work as a result of the accident. However, the amount payable is capped at a value set in 2016 and subsequently adjusted for inflation on a regular basis. For example, the maximum compensation for loss of income as of January 2018 was set at R266,200.

When a road accident results in death, dependants of the deceased can claim loss of support, as well as compensation for the cost of the funeral. Compensation for loss of support is subject to the same cap as compensation for loss of income. If the accident results in death, funeral cost claims are limited to the cost of cremating the deceased or interring their remains in a grave.

Submitting a claim

To claim from the RAF in the case of a “hit and run” accident, the claimant needs to report the accident at a police station as soon as possible.

A claim then needs to be lodged with the RAF within two years of the accident. The claimant needs to submit details of the accident, the police report and case number, relevant medical and financial statements, and all other relevant documentation to the RAF.

Ensure you're properly represented

Due to the often complicated and technical nature of RAF "hit and run" claims, it's strongly recommended that you enlist the aid of a suitably qualified personal injury attorney who has experience in handling RAF claims.

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