Sorina Reynecke

Sorina Reynecke

After matriculating in 1976 Sorina immediately took up employment with a firm of auditors as an administrative clerk.  After approximately 4 years Sorina secured a position at the Department of Justice, where over the course of 6 years she acted in a number of capacities including clerk of the criminal court.

In approximately 1986 Sorina joined a firm of attorneys in Worcester as a bookkeeper and has subsequently consistently worked as a legal bookkeeper for a number of firms. 

In June 2003 Sorina joined Mostert & Bosman (Cape Town Partnership) and was appointed as financial manager of DSC Attorneys after the merger in 2004.





Michéle de Jager

Michele de Jager

Michéle initially started her career in the South African Police Services, where she served in both the uniform and detective branches over the course of 13 years of service.

In September 2001 Michéle changed the direction of her career and joined the firm of Henry Shields Chiat in the capacity of junior litigation secretary.

After the merger in 2004 Michéle became a personal assistant to Cliff Timms (Director) in which capacity she continued to act until her appointment as office manager in September 2010.