Personal injury claims against supermarkets are far from uncommon in South Africa.

In late 2018, a 78-year-old man suffered a fall at a Spar store that resulted in hip and spine injuries when a worker pushing an industrial trolley collided with him.

The man issued a damages claim against the store for R400,000, eventually receiving R150,000 in settlement.

In January 2020, a shopper in Centurion sued Woolworths for R7.1 million after tripping over a packing crate in an aisle. The incident, which occurred in 2014, left the woman with a fractured kneecap and soft-tissue injuries.

Causes of injuries in supermarkets

Slip and fall accidents are common in supermarkets and shopping centres. However, they’re not the only causes of injury.

Fires, roof collapses, falling or exploding products, lift malfunctions and other types of incidents can also result in serious injuries.

Fires at South African shopping malls

In November 2019, two fires in shopping centres were reported by the media.

A gas bottle exploded at a restaurant in a Sandton shopping centre, causing a fire that left eight people injured. All were hospitalised with burn wounds, ranging from serious to critical.

In Mahikeng, North-West Province, eight shops were engulfed by flames after fire broke out in a Bradlows store in the early hours.

Roof collapses at South African shopping malls

In recent years, several roof collapses have been reported in shopping malls.

In 2017, a severe hailstorm caused part of the roof of the Cradlestone Mall near Krugersdorp to collapse on two patrons, who sustained mild to moderate injuries.

That same year in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, parts of the Trade Route Mall’s roof collapsed after flooding caused by heavy rains. Three people were treated in hospital for shock.

In a similar incident in November 2019, heavy rain caused the ceiling of The Glen Shopping Centre to collapse, with all customers immediately evacuated.

Injuries due to falling objects

At Durban’s Gateway Theatre of Shopping in 2014, a glass panel from a skylight dome fell onto a family, leaving five people suffering from bruising and lacerations. One woman suffered an open head wound.

Supermarket slip and fall incidents

Slip and fall incidents, also referred to as slip and trip accidents, are the most common supermarket-related injuries.

In 2006, a woman in Brakpan tripped over a raised tile at her local Spar. She suffered a neck fracture and soft-tissue damage. She took the retailer to court in 2009.

In 2014, a woman from Menlyn took Shoprite Checkers to court for an incident in 2009, when she slipped on a wet floor in the Menlyn Mall branch.

In March 2019, an Orange Farm woman slipped and fell on a wet floor at a Pick n Pay store, sustaining a knee injury.

Making personal injury claims against supermarkets

If you’ve been injured in a supermarket or shopping mall accident, you may be able to claim compensation.

For a personal injury claim to succeed, it must be proven that negligence on the part of the supermarket or shopping centre led to your injury.

It’s highly recommended that you seek advice and representation from a suitably qualified attorney, before approaching the supermarket or shopping centre.


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