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DSC Attorneys Sponsors Disabled Travel Website

DSC Attorneys Sponsors Disabled Travel Website
September 18, 2020 gnuworld

DSC Attorneys is proud to sponsor an upgrade to the Disabled Travel website – an excellent website for disabled travellers in South Africa.

disabled travel

About the Disabled Travel website

The Disabled Travel website offers reviews of wheelchair-accessible tourist accommodation and restaurants across South Africa.

You can click a province, followed by a city or town, to access accommodation and restaurant reviews.

Each reviewed establishment has been personally evaluated by Karin Coetzee. Karin is an occupational therapist and spinal rehabilitation specialist with 33 years of experience.

Reviews of establishments include details about the accessibility of entrances, guest rooms, bathrooms and other special features where relevant. They also include photographs of bathroom facilities.

The Disabled Travel site is endorsed by the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA).

disabled travel

How and why the website was started

In 2004, Karin broke her knee in a skiing accident.

The three months she spent in a wheelchair gave her first-hand experience of the difficulties that disabled people face in accessing public amenities.

Since then, Karin has spent a lot of her own time, money and effort to visit and assess accommodation for those with mobility restrictions.

disabled travel

DSC Attorneys sponsorship of the site

A former client of DSC Attorneys introduced Karin to one of our firm’s directors. DSC Attorneys then decided to sponsor a much-needed upgrade to the website.

We’re delighted to support a site that not only provides useful information, but may help increase awareness of the need for accessible travel facilities in South Africa.